Regen Radio – Shaking up the Schedule (Updated!)

We’re having a schedule shift around at Regen, with people moving nights and/or timeslots.

Mrs Kane’s Muscial Classroom is now Wednesday evenings from 8pm (UK Time), which means Rebel delays her Revolt an hour and starts at 10pm and that makes Wednesday Ladies Night.

Streetsweeper swaps his  Spectacular Sonic Sojourn from Saturday to Thursday at 10pm, following on from Phrogmom, meaning we now have an All American Thursday!

Bella is on a leave of absence, and Shada’s computer is undergoing repairs, so Desty is moving to Friday to cover from 9pm onwards, with Ictiv and Esc filling the Desty sized hole in the Super Sunday schedule!

This leaves a gap on the Saturday night line-up, with potentially a mystery DJ 8pm-10pm as a prelude to Deus opening up Blackheart Towers, but hopefully we’ll be getting someone in to take over Street’s old time. Keep an eye on the schedule and the front page for further updates!

If you’re thinking that Regen is a bit thin on the ground for DJs… yes, we are, but we’re always looking for new recruits. Head over to the forums and let us know that you’d like to try your hand at DJing and we’ll get in touch. We’re also open to some of our alumni coming back to do shows, even if you’ve not been around for a while.


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