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You're all too quiet on here 🙂

Hello 😀


I come back to the forum to have a look and see what's up and you guys haven't posted anything for five months!!

Seriously, I leave you guys for a while and the whole place falls apart 😉 I'm going to have to start writing stuff now just to keep your own forums alive.

I might even return to writing some Supermutant stories or something new I've been working on.. So you've been warned!

Some time soon i'm gonna get me a new PC and i'll be back to all those rolling eyes and stuff..  Gavin Dunne King of the Bards!! etc etc


About time you came back! 😉

And did you see there is a forum especially for creative works? Created with you in mind, CC 🙂

I did.

It's like you knew or something 🙂

I've gotten myself so much into writing, that I've been working on several ideas and stories, so you might either see one or two short stories or another Supermutant sized adventure.

The latter one I've been working on for years, so expect the adventures of Firefly and the Supermutants to continue at some stage. Might even be a relatively new team too. We shall see.


Welcome back, pours a Brandy & plumps the cushions

Okay so here's the thing. I've been waiting on some money to come my way. A venture out to Spain to live turned into a nightmare where builders went under and a lot of money was thought lost.

Luckily it went to court and the banks ( There are three of them involved) are meant to pay out to all the families that put their money forward. That was a year ago and we're still waiting through Spanish speed court BS.

As soon as the court judge ordered the three banks to pay up the money, i expected to see the money come back to me. It will easily pay for a new PC and then some. But... now one of the banks has waited until the last minute to appeal, saying that they shouldn't have to pay.

Now i'm waiting again. I am totally coming back, honest.. It's just..Ugh! Spanish speed court biz.

I may be the Big Bad Wolf (what do ya say) but Lawyers & Bankers are the true evil, best of luck gettting sorted CC.

There is life...

It's been months and months of promises about returning and finally i've got a new PC on order. Sometime in the near future you might just hear the sirens begin.. A Cyclone cometh..

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