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Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

The new season is of Fantasy Premier League is open and once again, Regen Radio has a league or two open at //!

The first is our usual league called Regen Hearts, a classic get as many points as possible league, and the code to enter (if you haven't already!) is hjx455

We also have a head to head league called Regen Minds, however, this year we're going to try something different. Regen Minds will also be a classic league, however we're going to try it in draft format. You can join the game here: //

Once you have logged in or registered click on 'Start' and then 'Join a league'. You can then enter the league code 12600-3790 to join the league. The draft is set for Wednesday 31st July at 9pm UK time and no two teams will be similar.

The Premier League season starts on 2 August, so you've plenty of time to sign up to either league and prepare. Good luck!


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