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Cyclone Gaming

So CC, what have you been up to while you've been away?


Well. Aside from writing my own books (of which I have two) I've been relegated to playing on console for the last few years. I've been mainly focused on FFXIV and have been playing that MMO pretty much since I lost my PC. Besides FF, I occasionally revisit DCUO and most recently started playing Genshin Impact. All on my PS4, at least until the newest console arrives later this year.


I've seen it and have been itching to try downloading the City of Heroes link when I have a PC again. Knowing that it is there and not being able to return home is a little annoying, considering I'm the one who has been pestering everyone with my stories regarding my main and alternate heroes being stuck in the game after it was closed all those years ago.

Possible return to GW2 and at least a look at ArcheAge to see how it's doing.

What is everyone else playing these days?

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Shada Wolf

I fluctuate between a few games but always seem to go back to Warframe.

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