Q: What is Regen Radio?

A: We’re an online radio station, founded by players of an MMORPG called City of Heroes. There’s more info in the About section.

Q: How can I listen to Regen Radio?

A: There are players at the right hand side of the page, the bottom of the page and links to the let you use various players. Alternatively, you can use other method such as TuneIn or try this web player. That should cover desktops, mobiles and tablets, but if there’s a problem, visit our forums and let us know!

Q: The now playing widget isn’t working. What do I do?

A: Your browser may be blocking the widget! You can either go to the webstie URL and use http rather than https or at the right or the address bar you’ll see an icon that will look something like one of these (depending on your browser)

These are for Opera, Edge and Chrome, others will vary but if you click them and allow the content, the Now Playing will show up. If you can, add us to your whitelist of safe sites, and if none of those work, you can just tune in and hear for yourself what’s being played!

Q: I fancy trying this out. Are you looking for more DJs?

A: Yes, we’re always after more help! We use software like SAM Broadcaster or Radio DJ to connect to the streams, and we can help you out getting set up. Visit our forums and let us know that you want to DJ, we’ll have a chat, help you get set up, and then you’ll have a few trial sets, to see if there are any problems, and if you like it or not! With luck and patience, you’ll join the Regen family in no time!

Q: I used to DJ, can I come back?

A: Of course!!

Q: What happened to Artoo, the old Auto-DJ?

A: He felt he needed to find himself after all the changes and DJs who left, so he’s currently at a retreat in France, where he’s painting and enjoying himself. His cousin Bob has taken over while Artoo is away.

Q: What did the owl say to the squirrel?

A: Nothing. Because owls don’t talk. It then ate the squirrel because owls are birds of prey.

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