Regen Radio is an online radio station for all discerning geeks and music fans, where good choons never die!
We have many great DJ’s playing a whole spectrum of music and we hope you will find a home here to keep you entertained throughout your evenings.

We started out as DJs during our days playing City of Heroes, and you may recognise some of the names from our days at Rogues Radio. When Rogues Radio closed in 2012, there were those of us that wanted to continue to share our passion with the extended family of Rogues listeners, and City of Heroes players across Europe and the world.

Since we started broadcasting on 23 June 2012, there have been some changes over the years. City of Heroes has shut down, some of our founder members have hung up their headphones (for now!) but we keep on keeping on.

Alongside the familiar faces you will find new additions to the Regen team, and we hope you will make them welcome as you made us. Regen Radio only works because of you, the listeners, the gamers, the fans, and no mattter if you’re a new listener or you’ve been here forever, whether you’re a current DJ, a former DJ or someone who wants to give it a go, you’re welcome to the Regen Family.

Dial it up, let us entertain you and we hope you enjoy choooning in to

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