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Welcome to the New Look Regen Radio

Hello! Welcome to our new look website. It's more or less the same, but had a bit of a makeover.

Firstly, sorry about everyone needing to reset their passwords, it was that or creating new IDs from scratch and that idea wasn't helpful. Hopefully you got an email telling you about the password reset, however you can use the 'lost your password?' function from the log in screen if you need it.

Secondly, we have new forums and the old forums are gone. Not the first time we've had this happen but hopefully it'll last this time. Sorry if you lost anything from their. We've also dropped the chat bar thing, as it didn't get much use.

Thirdly, and finally, if there's any problems with the site let us know. We've had a month or so of testing and hopefully we've not missed anything, but if we have, tell us.

Enjoy the new site!

To the person who shows up next:

You thought the first reply would be you! But it was I, Ictiv!


Really digging this new image feature, at least I don't think there was anything with this many bells and whistles on the old forum, so great improvement!


Also: I didn't get an e-mail, not sure if it's a wrong address somewhere, but could be a universal issue, so I thought I'd mention!

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